robot hearts, spring planting, etc.

Links I’ve been hoarding:

  • It’s about time for spring planting, and you can get your supplies and help out Oregon Hill at the same time.  Just like last year, SynerGeo is selling bulbs and small plants.  You can order via the web site or stop by and look at my catalogs.  I love ordering from this company because the plants come all wrapped up so that they don’t spill, and they’re shipped at the right time for you to plant them (wherever you happen to live).  And they don’t die as soon as you plant them.  Also, for those of you in Oregon Hill, you can designate plants to go in whatever green space of your choice around the neighborhood, and we’ll plant them for you!  Please do help us out, and invest in this organization as it supports your city.
  • I’ve been asked to take over the female perspective for the RVANews relationship advice column, Robot HeartsMy first column was published today!  Yay.

  • I like this card.

  • The new Shakespeare portrait that was recently found blew my mind.  If this is really him, he looks a whole lot more like my imagination has pictured him.
  • Life at our house.
  • Netiquette callout cards!
  • Still more Richmond snow pics, courtesy of Karen.  She captured what I wanted to capture.  Thank goodness.

  • Amazing papercut work.  I’ve always identified with this art because I love doing tedious tasks like that, but this takes the cake.

  • Yum, 10 ways to eat an egg.
  • This made me lose it, of course.
  • Some folks have asked me how to take your own measurements for ordering things online, and check it: there’s a guide.
  • My favorite mens’ style, which is slowly coming back.  Hallelujah.
  • The little black dress, a la Brie.  I agree wholeheartedly.

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