of awkward phases, and just phases in general.

This week I finally finished a project I had been flirting with for years, which was simply to scan in all the old photographs I have lying around.  This is a good cause, for you never know when you’ll lose these things, or they’ll become damaged by a leaking ceiling or a house fire or alien attacks or whatever.  Now these babies reside IRL, on my external hard drive, and on the internet.  So we’re golden.

After scanning them all in, I sent links to a bunch of them to some of the people pictured.  I got a lot of messages back where people were freaking out about how many memories they brought back.  It’s nice to hear that others remember these things as fondly as I do.  It’s crazy just looking back through the pictures and thinking about what a different person I was in each one.  I’m just glad I was surrounded by such stellar folks the whole time.

Anyway, definitely a worthwhile endeavor.  I’d like to see some of you (yes, you) upload some oldies but goodies.  Get on it!

[the fam]

[the saddest-looking house in the Fan]

[my 21st birthday]

[you don’t mind living on Hell Block when Bono is with you]

[you know, just being punk]

[most likely to save the world]

[in record time]

[we murdered the other teams]

[the big leagues]

[ruffles, striped vest, bus loop, oh no]

[see, I always wanted to be an Administrative Assistant]

[I still feel this way about the beach]

[my first lolcat]

And there are soooo many more


11 thoughts on “of awkward phases, and just phases in general.

  1. That’s because I never have worn them, since I’ve known you anyway. The other day Talia said she finally felt like she was an “old school” friend of mine because she vaguely remembers me wearing jeans. I think if I told everyone I was an alien from the future, they’d say “okay Tess,” but when they see me in pants they’re like “WHAT?!!!!!!!!”

  2. apropos of nothing (i hadn’t read this post yet), i started doing this at home last week. it began as a project to throw out all my returned papers, notes, and various backpack junk i saved for no certain reason from undergrad. photos were discovered and will be forthcoming on a website TBD.

  3. Awesome! I’m so glad you’re doing this. I can’t wait to see the pictures. It feels amazing to have this done, and be able to either get rid of the originals or put them away in a secure place.

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