over the line!

I’m not really focusing on the shop until the bulk of the wedding planning is done, but this weekend I couldn’t resist making this Lebowski-inspired headband.

You’ll also notice that if you haven’t seen me in a few days, I’ve brightened up my hair.  It’s been a very dark red for a few months, but I was originally going for a more dramatic red.  So I finally found the time to re-bleach and re-dye, and ta-da!  The color was “Blood Red,” and I really don’t think it looks blood red at all…but even though it wasn’t exactly what I was envisioning, I like it.  I’ll just be Clementine Kruczynski for a little while.

In other news…


2 thoughts on “over the line!

  1. haha, i was about to go to the store to get a color similar to that one! i sprayed my hair that color for the rockstar party and darn if i didn’t like it 🙂 looks fabulous on you, btw!!

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