fashion mileage indeed.

What I’d like to be wearing at work today:

But instead I’m wearing a black military-style button-up dress.  Which is fine and great, but I’d love one of these cute little numbers.  If anyone sees something like that at a local vintage shop, please let me know.  I enjoy receiving picture texts with subject lines like “OMG this dress is for you!”

In other news, my friend Courtney over at Little White Book posted a guest blog from me about my process for having my wedding dress custom-made.  Looks nice!  I enjoyed guest blogging, and will probably continue as the dress materializes.

Today so far: a sunrise run through the cemetery, Lost while primping, kittycats, skimming Jane Austen, work work, wedding work (readings, vows, favors), Midnight Society work.  I’m thrilled to finally be filling in our collection of Lore, so I hope my momentum keeps up.


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