speaking without talking.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my loved ones.  You guys make me smile every day.  And although I’ve always found it strange that some people need a specific day of the year to show their loved ones that they care, I may as well say it again today.  I love you!  You know who you are.

Of course, I do have one particular soul to send a Valentine’s Day greeting to.   I’m making this guy cinnamon rolls for breakfast today.

I try to refrain from no-holds-barred outpourings of love here too often, but there’s got to be the inevitable overflow sometimes.  Oh, how I love him.  The best part is that he makes things romantic every day, not just on special occasions.  I’m not in a constant state of wonderment, as I have been in previous relationships, as to whether he actually cares about me or not.  He lets me know every day, with both actions and words.  It’s all about the little things.

We’ve gotten to that point where we don’t have to say much; we can just exchange glances and know what the other is thinking.  There’s nothing more romantic than that.  And it’s indispensable for communicating across crowded rooms.  And yet, we can still talk for hours when a good subject presents itself.

So if anyone is wondering if I know how lucky I am, the answer is yes.  And I accept my good fortune with both hands.



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