of awards and antidotes.

My dear friend Kristin was gracious enough to bestow an Inspiration Award upon this blog.  Thanks, Kristin!

The rules are as follows:

* Put the logo of the award (above) on your blog if you can make it work with your format.
* Link to the person from whom you received the award.
* Nominate seven or more blogs.
* Put the links of those blogs on your blog.
* Leave a message on their blogs to tell them.

And here are my nominees:

  • Haute Macabre.  Because it’s my new favorite thing!
  • Gothic Charm School.  Her level-headed commentary, etiquette, and open-mindedness never cease to amaze me.
  • Decor8.  As I’ve added, evaluated, and removed a lot of crafty, interior-design-y blogs from my feeds over the past few years, this one has stayed around.  I get a TON of ideas from Holly and beautiful pictures she posts.
  • Phil Has a Blog. Thank goodness for Phil.
  • And That’s How I Choose to Remember It.  With every post, I’m reminded how similar and how different Brandi and I are.  I love it.
  • Appalachian History still blows my mind, all the time.
  • Kitty Meets Goat.  Michael’s still pouring his heart out, but now…online!
  • Liebemarlene Vintage Look Book.  Oh, how I look.  And look, and look, and look.  This girl has style.
  • Knock Kneed.  Her ability to make me laugh from afar is astounding.  I love her list-format posts, which I need ot emulate more often.
  • King Keaton’s Babbles.  Gianna is tirelessly chronicling her son’s early life, and I’m so glad she hasn’t given up yet.  These blog posts will be cherished.

Now, on to current events…

The whole house smells like banana bread.  It’s currently 69 degrees outside.  Things are wonderful.

The weekend was great.  On Friday we dined at Ruchee Express and then saw Bride Wars.  The movie was silly in general but I enjoyed myself.  Saturday I lunched with Corey at Black Sheep, played Star Wars: Episode 1 Monopoly with my siblings, and saw some of my favorite people at the Best of 2008 Photo Show.  Then we went to the Twist & Crawl dance night at Ipanema, where I played mini Connect Four with Dan at the bar and beat him twice.   Sunday at work it was Tu B’Shevat, so I listened to the librarian read The Giving Tree to several different classes.  After watching the nursery at church (where Dan built a “wobot” out of green legos with an adoring little girl), we had dinner at my parents’ house and watched Father of the Bride: Part II.  This weekend was really a perfect mix of activities; I’m so lucky to be given the opportunity to be involved in so many different things.

This week so far I’ve done a lot of wedding planning: arranged the rental of tablecloths, etc., updated the wedding web site, printed out drafts of invitations I designed so that Dan and I can discuss them, got together almost all my addresses for invitations, and made a wedding playlist that needs to be edited wayyyy down because it’s 21 hours long.  I have to do things like cut back from 12 Cure songs to 6 Cure songs.  Planning this big party is fun, but sometimes painful.  Human beings shouldn’t have to choose between “Mint Car” and “Just Like Heaven.”

This morning I baked banana bread and made some naan dough so we can have Indian for dinner tonight.  I think baking is the antidote to overcast days.  That, and looking out my window at my favorite tree and counting the blackbirds in it.  Right now there are 16.

On to links…

And, I liked this picture that Sara posted on her blog.

That is all.  For now.


12 thoughts on “of awards and antidotes.

  1. I have an idea. Keep all 12 Cure songs and just cut out others. 😉

    “Mint Car” vs “Just Like Heaven?” Making that decision sounds horrible. Good luck.

  2. Okay, you’re the boss! You will be on wedding day, anyway. 🙂 “Everyone, I have an announcement to make: it looks like Kenny has skipped through all the non-Cure tracks on my playlist. I’m okay with that.”

  3. Wow Tess! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Thank you for the award nomination thingy, for covering the photo show (awesome article), and for the link to that entry which you called insightful. I’m very honored by all this!

    By the way I can’t believe there would ever be a contest between “Just Like Heaven” and “Mint Car”, “Just Like Heaven” all the way. In fact in my opinion any Cure song that precedes “Mint Car” in chronology, precedes it in rank as well. Ha.

  4. You’re welcome!

    And I didn’t think the Cure songs would become such a hot point of contention! I was kinda just using those two as an example; it probably won’t come down to that. But if I did have to pick, I’d pick “Just Like Heaven,” because it’s slightly more important than “Mint Car” and because it’s mine and Noel’s special song. Awwww.

  5. michael, you really do dislike “mint car” don’t you?? haha… kenny once again our musical tastes are super compatible. just as expected! i love “mint car”!

  6. Its true; I do. If you know of a support group for lovers of all Cure until the moment of betrayal (i.e. the release of “Mint Car”), please do let me know. =)

  7. you should NOT have to choose between cure songs!! blasphemy!!

    sadly, i only wish those were my cupcakes, but they might just mine this evening 🙂

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