hope! in the form of a ban.

Oh happy day! Today the governor and the Virginia General Assembly have agreed to ban smoking in restaurants! And since we know that in VA, all bars are restaurants, this means I’ll be going out more and probably staying out later!   Huzzah!  And I’ll be able to set foot in Patrick Henry Pub for more than 20 minutes before my eyes turn as red as tomatoes.  I am overjoyed.

In a blast from the past, Rumors posted a few photos from a photo shoot we did back in October, and some of them turned out kinda fun.  Parasol party indeed.

In other awesome news, check out this history of Ronnie James Dio.  Entertaining and educational.


9 thoughts on “hope! in the form of a ban.

  1. Yeah! I hate for the government to have to make invasive rules like this, because I’m all about laissez-faire. But this isn’t a rule about decorations or dress codes or whether you can have rock shows anything like that, it’s a rule to make sure that cigarette smoke doesn’t invade the lungs of those who’d like to keep themselves smoke-free. So it’s nice that for once the regulation-happy manner of Virginia legislature in regards to bars and restaurants has worked in my favor.

  2. wow, dave and i figured it would never happen with philip morris (aka altria) flexing so nearby 🙂 have to pass on this tiny little award to you. i never get these and was so excited, you were top 2 i thought of passing it on to!!

  3. You could not look any more gorgeous in that photo!

    I’m a little torn with the smoking ban, being a smoker and all. But I get it. I’ll take my ass outside in order to wash my hair less.

  4. Blake! You are a sweetheart. I hate to break it to you, but I’m about 50 pounds over the limit for any model they’d ever accept. Luckily I’m fine with never becoming a model. I’ll settle for the adoration of my friends, since you guys are the most important people in America anyway. 🙂

  5. This is great, I haven’t been inside places like the Galaxy Hut in years. I agree with the “invasive government” sentiment. I wish that local communities could have worked together to made this choice, instead of being rebuffed by ridiculous tobacco lobbying efforts for so many years. Still surprised that the Commonwealth was able to pass this.

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