of bowlers and burbs.

The last few days have been full of working on wedding invitations.  It’s fun but time consuming.  I’ve been slowing down with a lot of the projects I was working on since the beginning of the year, so it’s been nice to be able to focus more on one thing at a time.

Still, the projects continue to trickle in.  I’m hoping to start working on a dress for myself to see if I can actually follow a pattern for a change.  I altered a shirt for my friend Holly yesterday.  And one of my fascinators was featured in a promo shoot for local production company Dreams Factory!  So that was really nice to see.

Last night The Blue Letter played a show at Rumors with Now Sleepyhead, La Dispute, and Endeavor the Seas.  A good time was had, and La Dispute slept on my living room floor last night.  I tiptoed out for work without waking anyone, I think.  The sight of the cute little ninjas all asleep in their respective sleeping bags warmed my heart.  Ah, the perks of being hospitable.

Tonight we have pre-marriage counseling, and there’s a Silent Music Revival if we can make it.  Tomorrow night is the Stu Butler Benefit Show, and Saturday night is both the Best of 2008 Photo Show and the Twist & Crawl dance night at Ipanema.  Lots to do!  See you guys out…



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