and the cloud lifts.

Finally, the sun!    I shall enjoy the view from my office today.

Yesterday I did finish the pillows I was making:

And the cats enjoyed the photo shoot as well.

Several cloudy days in a row have felt oppressive, but I am really so lucky to be able to nest the way I’ve been nesting.  It is way more satisfying than I ever thought it could be.  Days of crafting, working, and reading, peppered with cooking new dishes, decorating the place, reorganizing shelves, planning the wedding, and nursing my poison ivy.  Everything is delightful except for the poison ivy.

I’ve been contemplating using ADrive instead of getting an external hard drive, at least for now, to save money and free up disk space.  Anybody use ADrive, Dropbox, or anything like them?


4 thoughts on “and the cloud lifts.

  1. Im starting to try out Dropbox. I also signed up for another service just like it, but cant remember the name right now. I have an external 1TB HDD for Time Machine and backups, but nothing ‘off site’. The only thing I dont like at times is to many things running, which stuff like Dropbox or ADrive does (to simulate you having a spare drive). If you dont mind that though, a lot of these services are amazing.

  2. Hey thanks! I’m using ADrive now, and it’s fine for storing things…but my main problem is that I have way too much music on my machine and need to store it elsewhere so my performance isn’t completely crippled. If I store my music on ADrive though, iTunes can’t get to it. So I think I kind of have to get an external hard drive.

  3. There are a few services that do offer iTunes/music storing, but I did not try that (and i cant remember the name of it right now). The thing is, they only give you like 1GB of space. If you want more, you pay a monthly fee for it. By the time its all said and done, and with the price of external media, may be cheaper to just get an external. Also, im really excited to see what Google is about to do, lots of leaks here and there about a similar product from them called GDrive.

  4. Yeah, I heard about GDrive, which is what prompted my searching actually. I’d like to see what they’ll do too, but I have no idea when that will be, and my computer is just…disgustingly slow right now. So maybe I’ll look into getting an external hard drive sometime soon.

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