in the year 2000.

I threw together a few new fascinators this weekend, a rush order for a commercial shoot that some friends of mine are working on downtown.  Karen Wolfe of Ernst & Thistle gave me some pictures of the type of look she’s going for, and the fact that the shoot is set roughly 10 years in the future.  TEH FUTURE!?!?!!!!!!!  I was overjoyed.  Since it will be pretty dark in the room, she wants the hairpieces to stand out.  So I made them bright and huge, which is a little bit of a departure…I usually try to make things that are fancy, yes, but easy enough to fit through doors with.  That’s not the case with a couple of these new pieces.  I had a blast making them though, and hope they add to the look they’re trying to achieve with the commercial.


One thought on “in the year 2000.

  1. They look great! I need to go see what you have for sale over at Rumors, and if you ever up for a photoshoot of head peices I’m more than down for it. ;D

    Also I switched my blog over to Blogger, Tumblr was too confusing. So the link from my name on this comment is my new one.

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