of schemes and sketches.

Too much ground to cover and not enough time or energy to type it all.  I got a lot done this week, including:

  • A wedding dress-maker selected, schemes cooked up, and sketches drawn up.  I picked her because she can see inside my head.  I’m like Karl freaking Lagerfeld here.  I’m just dictating and somebody else is sewing.  I could get used to this.
  • The Twilight saga finally finished (except for Midnight Sun).  Tears were shed.  I still cannot find a TEAM JACOB button at any Hot Topic this side of the Mississippi, and there’s probably a good reason for that.
  • Sparkling cider drank with Katie and Angie.  And they gave me a book that I’m now reading, a talisman to ward off a bad marriage.  So far it smacks of that special brand of condescension you can only find in the self-help section, and it seems to be finding 837 different ways to simply say “calm down,” but I know there’s got to be a tangible nugget of advice in there somewhere!  Otherwise it couldn’t have been placed in my hands.  I’m determined to find it!  I’m only a couple of chapters in.
  • Wedding flowers picked out and kept very, very simple.  The wedding guy at the flower shop said something unintelligible in his luxurious accent, but I think it must have meant something like “Chill, y’all.  I got this.”  And I believe him.
  • Several new hairpieces made in a weekend rush order for a commercial shoot.  I can relate to my dressmaker in that I’ve realized how much fun it is to do custom work.  I get a set of constraints, and then I’m free to embellish within those constraints however I see fit.  Magical.
  • Something amazing overheard at Hebrew school this morning:  Kid 1: “You just need to make a robotic dinosaur that’s indestructible, and then give it to me.  Okay, mister?”  Kid 2: “Okay.”  Let’s all be on the lookout for this fearsome beast.
  • A new blog header designed.  What, you hadn’t noticed?!  That’s right, you SHOULD NOT notice if you’re using a feed reader like all the other grown-ups!  But seriously, 3 or 4 years is long enough for any header to take its turn, especially one as homespun as the last one.  This one is slightly better.


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