of surgery and stretch hummers.

Last weekend we went to the Richmond Bridal Showcase.  Never in my faintest nightmares did I dream I’d go to a bridal show, but we do still have some things to narrow down (flowers, for one thing) and Dan pointed out that we should at least enter all the drawings.  For me specifically, it was what I might imagine life being like if you suddenly won the lottery: everybody is trying to sell you something.  They even give you bride-to-be buttons to wear so that the vendors know who to shout sales pitches at.  There was a lot of pushing, shoving, hollering, crowding, and high-pitched voices explaining (ugh) beach weddings with (ugh) khakis for the groomsmen.  Although the bridal show didn’t at all help me to make any decisions about what I want my wedding to be like, it did give me some examples of what I don’t want my wedding to be like.  And I had a good time hanging out with Dan, my mom, and my sister.  We amused ourselves by checking out the stretch Hummers, sampling some hors d’oeuvres, and counting the plastic surgery booths.  Charming.


6 thoughts on “of surgery and stretch hummers.

  1. The unity candle made me cry, because I was laughing so hard.

    To marry Katie requirement #6: Must not wear khakis.

  2. um, yeah. bridal show was a bust. but if you need some help with flowers, i have some good contacts. local ladies who source things from their garden!

  3. Yep. I mean not booths where they perform plastic surgery, haha. A bridal show is made up of booths where all the different wedding-related vendors try to sell you things. And these days, apparently it’s profitable for plastic surgery businesses to prey upon the fragile self-images of self-conscious brides-to-be.

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