casual opulence.

Contrary to what my last post may imply, our general wedding planning is clipping along at a nice pace.  The major problem isn’t a lack of inspiration, but rather a surplus.  Although I have a definitive style of my own, I like a lot of different styles…so it’s hard to commit.  And it’s funny, because some people have said “Oh obviously Tess will have a goth wedding with a black dress” and some people have said “Oh obviously Tess will have a Regency-era, Jane Austen-inspired wedding,” etc. etc.  The possibilities really are endless. I’d like to do all of the ideas, but unfortunately I’m obliged to pick just one.

I could post a thousand links and show you all of my ideas, but I’m getting ready to go somewhere.  Luckily, my entire idea for the style of the wedding can be summed up by this painting:

I think “casual opulence” captures it well.  I had to steal that from Oh Joy!‘s blog post today, where the title immediately jumped out at me as a great two-word description of the style I’m going for.  And for what’s going on at the party in this painting.

Actually, this painting inspires me in general.  Every time I throw a party or go on a date or walk down the street or stare into space while you’re talking to me, I’m probably thinking about this painting.

Trust me, they do not make wedding dresses like that. I looked.  But there are people who will make them for you for cheaper than you can get things on the sale rack at David’s Bridal, and that’s the route I’m taking.  It’s just kind of difficult to explain to a dressmaker, “you know, that style of dress that was only worn in Paris from about 1877-1888 before it was replaced with dresses with larger bustles, and which is sleeveless even though most dresses of that time period were long-sleeved,” etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

This wedding has also had me drooling for the past couple of weeks.  Fantastic in every way.

And Michael posted a link to a video featuring Oura and Stephanie’s wedding, which made me tear up a little.


But I’ve just been inspired in general all week, not necessarily about weddings.

Those gloves

And then of course I can’t avoid the Alice in Wonderland thing.

And as usual, Modish totally has my number about things that I will want:

That hat is the perfect blend of Salem, Massachusetts and…well, not really anything else.  I LOVE IT.

In random unrelated links…

Okay, the bombardment will end.  For now.


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