practical cats.

We finally got some cats.

No no, not those cats.  We got some regular ol’ tabbies to be our constant companions and relentless supporters.  We were checking out the SPCA cats at a local Petsmart and Dan noticed that one was named “Slipknot.”  Yeah, that’s right.  Somebody named a cat “Slipknot.”  When we returned the next day to meet up with the SPCA lady and play with Slipknot for a bit, we brought her cellmate, Sophie, out to play too.  Both cats were affectionate and agreeable, and we ended up taking both of them home.

Slipknot is the younger cat.  She’s tiny and spry and likes sniffing things, launching onto things, and attacking the other cat.

Sophie is a bit older, larger, and more affectionate.  She likes hiding under beds and curling up and purring.

After a few hours of checking out the house, they decided it was a satisfactory home and started making themselves comfortable.  Before the evening was out, they were gleefully chasing each other around the place as though they owned it.  So far there have been no mishaps, fights, things clawed or broken, accidents, etc.  I think we picked some good ones!  Stay tuned for upcoming name changes though.  Seriously?  “Slipknot”?!?!

It’s great to have cats around the house again.


Another thing that’s been occupying my mind lately is Stu Butler.  He posts to Take That, and I just met him IRL on New Year’s Eve.  A little while after I met him and left the party, he fell off the second-story balcony and cracked his skull.  He’s MEGA lucky to be alive, but has a crazy recovery ahead of him.  Please pray!


4 thoughts on “practical cats.

  1. why the HELL would you change the cats name from being Slipknot?
    You should just change Sophie’s name to Hatebreed and you’ll be good to go.

  2. Haha, we might keep the name “Slipknot” just for ridiculousness’ sake. I told Dan yesterday though that if we keep that name, we have to name the other cat some equally terrible nu-metal band name. “C’mere, Disturbed!” You get the picture.

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