the carriage and the girl.

I never, EVER have cool, creepy dreams, which is why I got up out of bed to write this one down.

In the dream we lived in the country, and our neighbors lived in a very fine house on an estate just on the other side of a hedge of trees.  We were friendly with them and would often go over to visit them.  One night I dropped in and was talking to the servants, and I asked them to tell me if there were any ghost stories associated with the house.  They told me that many years ago, a little girl was often seen walking in a certain part of the garden, and she would vanish randomly beneath the watcher’s gaze.  But she hadn’t been seen in years.  I enjoyed the story, even though there weren’t many details or theories about who the girl was.

PawPaw must have come to visit us in the country or something, because although this part wasn’t in the dream, for some reason I knew that he had died, and that we were now in the days leading up to his funeral.  One night we needed to borrow something (sugar?  I have no idea what), so although it was late we decided to walk next door.  If the lights were on, we’d knock and see if we could borrow whatever it was that we needed.  When we emerged from the trees we saw that all the lights in the house were on, like they were having a party or something.  After knocking for a while and getting no response, I just went ahead and opened the door myself, and in the kitchen I found the servants sleeping in their chairs by the fire.  We kind of laughed to ourselves a little, and I went around the room turning off all the lights so they could nap in peace.  When I got to the big bay window facing the east garden and reached over to switch off a lamp, I noticed something big and black outside on the gravel loop.  I leaned closer to the window glass and peered at it.  After my eyes adjusted, I could see that it was a black carriage, covered in this same exact fabric as a dress I have (the one I wore this NYE, with the weird curly frills on it, which someone once called my “Tim Burton dress”).  For some reason in my head I knew it was PawPaw’s fancy carriage (although duh, of course PawPaw doesn’t have a carriage).  “They must’ve had it sent over for the funeral,” I thought to myself.  I was just thinking that I’d like to go outside and run my hand along the smooth fabric, when someone else approached the carriage from the south side of the garden.  It was a girl, about 11 years old, in formal mourning attire (Edward Gorey style) with lots of lace and a hat and gloves.  I wasn’t really doing anything besides thinking about how cool her clothes were until she passed in front of the carriage, and I noticed that I could see through her. I could see that carriage right through her body.  I had this weird sensation because just as my stomach went to drop out of my body, my mind thrilled and I thought to myself, “Finally!  I’ve finally seen a real, legit, see-through ghost!”  She ran her hand along the carriage, and then turned toward the bay window where I stood.  She was followed by a woman I recognized as her mother because of their resemblance, and what appeared to be a servant or governess.  Both were also in mourning.  The mother wore a black lacy dress buttoned way up to her neck as well.  She looked just like Aunt Jackie.

They approached the window where I stood, and I was kind of terrified.  But as they neared the house, I could see that they had friendly expressions on their faces.  The girl made a loop and started heading back down the garden toward the south, passing just next to the bay window.  As she passed she looked inside, and I waved and mouthed “hello.”  I wanted to see if she could see me.  She waved back and said “hello,” audibly, as she passed the window.  Her mother smiled and waved too.  I stared, open-mouthed.  I turned to see that my mom was now standing next to me, also looking out the window.  “Mom, did you see that?!  That lady looks just like Aunt Jackie!” and she was like “I know!”

And then I woke up.  So surreal!


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