it’s a wonderful life.

The days-long marathon of hugs and little kids and presents and FOOD is over, and I’m relieved to be back at home…curled up with my Twilight books in my quiet house.  Team Jacob represent!

It truly is a wonderful life.  I’m so lucky and blessed to have such a great life; Lord knows an imperfect mortal like me deserves it the least of all.  And that, of course, makes it so much sweeter a gift.


3 thoughts on “it’s a wonderful life.

  1. Hey, I didn’t say I didn’t want Edward for myself. I thought the “team” thing was in reference to who we’re rooting for as far as Bella goes. I think Jacob’s a better match for her. As a lifelong vampire fanatic, I think Edward’s a better match for me. Bring it on.

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