huzzah for christmas

This has been a Christmas season of firsts for me.

  • First time celebrating Christmas and Chanukah.  Latkes are my newfound love.
  • First time I ever heard of Krampus and friends.
  • First time I’ve been able to actually hand-make all the gifts I said I was going to hand-make.

We’ve been kinda sick here at the ranch so there’s been a lot of LOTR action on the couch, and eating soup sent over by Mom.  Last night we bundled up and traipsed to Williamsburg to see the Palace Green all lit up and to follow the fifes and drums around and take more terrible pictures.  Have I ever mentioned that I love Williamsburg?  Yes yes, I think I have.  It’s great around Christmastime, for those of us who like the smell of gunpowder and torches, and the sight of lads in tricorne hats.

Today we’ll head to PawPaw’s for food and one million baby cousins, tomorrow we’ll head to Granny’s for the same, and the day after we’re hanging out with just the immediate family at Mom and Dad’s.  I’m looking forward to the food, relaxation, and catching up with relatives.

I wish a Merry Christmas to all of my friends, and I hope you will let me know if there’s anything I can do for you this holiday season.  I love you all.


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