of cookies and cheer.

Every year there’s a weekend before Christmas that’s chock-full of parties and insanity.  This weekend was that weekend.

Friday night was the calm before the storm.  We got a chance to have a nice date night, with dinner at Si, coffee at the mall, and drinks at Ipanema.  It was definitely one of our best dates ever.  I love that we’re just as happy hanging out alone with some wine and quiet conversation as we are surrounded by a million friends.

Saturday night: enter the million friends.  We watched the lit-up boats parade on the James with folks from church, and then had some snacks and wine with those folks at a coffee shop.  Afterward we headed to Jonathan and Jen’s for a cookie swap.  I hadn’t seen most of that group of friends in a while, and it was awesome to catch up.  It’s a good thing that I got all the catching up and in-depth conversations out of my system there, because the next party we went to was such a rager that we mostly just laughed hysterically and danced our tails off.  Yet another success for the boys at 319!

Sunday morning I got up early and headed to work for the religious school’s Chanukah party.  I had an amazing time!  I ate a bunch of delicious latkes, sorta learned how to play the dreidel game, and won a cake at the youth group’s cake walk.  Sure, it was chaos squared with all those kids running amok around the school building, but I had a great time and met lots of people.

After the Chanukah party I went to Cheryl’s house for an awesome ladies’ brunch.  She has these things periodically and always invites me, and I’m always out of town or something.  I’m so glad I finally got a chance to go to one.  I had cupcakes and vegan biscuits and gravy, and laughed at stories from some of the comedic geniuses that call themselves my friends.  Also, Cheryl lives in this house that jussssst barely escaped being incinerated in the big fire, and it’s one of those old, brick colonials that are always casting their spells over me.  I adored it.

This week: I need to seriously work on Christmas gifts.  No more slacking off!  As soon as I finish these next few chapters in Spooky South, that is.


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