of sunrises and staycation

Yesterday morning I decided to go on a run at the cemetery instead of my usual route.  It was so deserted and beautiful there, but it tried to kill me with its hills.  It was worth climbing the hills though, because I got to see one of the prettiest sunrises of my life.  As the sun rose over the river, it bathed all the tombs in bright orange-y light, and the light glinting off the huge mausoleum at the river’s edge made me feel like I was enjoying my own personal laser light show.  Thankful am I for having such beauty at my doorstep, and the ability to escape to the calm quiet of the cemetery whenever I please.

Back in the real world though, lots is going on.  I have been incredibly productive since Thursday.  I’ve wanted a staycation for over a year, and I finally got it.  Imagine all the stuff you could get done if you didn’t have to go to work every day!  Unfortunately I have only ’til the end of this week to bask in this advantage, because the bills got to be paid.  A couple of weeks ago, we placed a mega long list of house projects on the refrigerator.  I’m happy and excited to say that ALL the urgent items are now finished and only a few projects remain, which we’ll complete shortly.  Amongst other things, I’ve completely overhauled the kitchen cabinet organization, and spent the entire day yesterday cleaning the entire kitchen from top to bottom.  My arms are killing me.  Today I’ll finish the wallhangings and then I’ll be pretty much ready to receive dinner guests.  Huzzah!  Soon I also hope to take a bunch of photos of the house, to remember it just as it is now.

So much news…


5 thoughts on “of sunrises and staycation

  1. A trick to hilly routes (I ran cross country for Blacksburg High, the land of hills)–don’t change your pace or the intensity of your breathing to overcome the hill. If you fight the hills, they will fight you back. 😉


  2. Aha! Thank you. I feel like if I don’t fight though, my pace slows to a crawl. So just maintaining my pace on those hills is tough. But I’m just not used to it, that’s all.

  3. So I get text updates from style.com (I know) and I think I yelped when I got the one about Alexander McQueen at Target. I can only hope his designs involve tartan.

  4. hi tess! i’ve just been catching up on your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed getting reacquainted with what’s happening in your life! it was funny to think way back to those days of girls bible study in leah’s apt. (the grey one that looked like a leggo). congrats on your engagement (sorry i’m a month late)!

    i had a laugh when looking at the photo of your fave meal; i’m pretty sure there was some black pudding on that plate. have you ever had the pleasure of eating that scottish delicacy? i have to admit, the thought of it makes me nauseated. but lots of people here love it, and say a “full scottish fry-up” (big breakfast) is incomplete without it.

    hope to see you next time we’re in rva!

  5. Hi Jen, thanks for the congratulations! We’re mega happy. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever had black pudding, I just meant that breakfast is my favorite meal and always has been. I tried haggis last year at the Celtic Festival and it was AWFUL. And this is coming from someone who will eat anything. I hope to see you again too when you come back!

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