of much shuffling and many staircases.

Right now my life is one amazing blur of moving and painting and moving and cleaning and painting.  If you know me, you know I can’t stand to have my house out of order, so it’s a struggle for me to ignore the mess while I get ready for work, try to relax for a few minutes, or whatever.  There’s a lot of stuff to do and it’s pretty overwhelming, so we made a list of house projects and put it up on the refrigerator.  We’re constantly adding things to the list and scratching things off the list, and it’s good to see that progress is apparent.  With each step we take and each project we complete, we’re getting closer to simplifying and paring down our lives, and it feels great.  Something I’ve been interested in lately is the idea of living with less stuff, and this shuffling around of the household is a move in the right direction.  We had quite a time with the carpet in the front bedroom, but now it’s clean and the walls are lovely and so far I love my new quarters.  My sister spent her first night in the house last night, and it’s great to have her here.  I can’t wait to spend more time with her.

In the middle of a weekend chock-full of heavy lifting, we somehow made time to party for Halloween.  I usually spend a lot more time preparing for my favorite holiday, and was a little disappointed not to have a chance to do as many Halloween-related activities this year because of the moving, etc.  But in spite of everything, I had my best Halloween yet!  Pictures tell the story best of course.

Yesterday afternoon / evening we got to see Gone With the Wind at the Byrd, which I’d been looking forward to for a while.  It was like a dream to finally see it on the big screen, and in my favorite historic theater no less.  Those face-slaps really resonate in all their large-scale glory.  I wept openly and had an awesome time with Dan and Tracy.  Now I can scratch “see GWTW in a theater” off my list of life goals.


6 thoughts on “of much shuffling and many staircases.

  1. Now, I LOVE Gone With The Wind, but I can’t imagine sitting in the Byrd for that long. Hopefully there was an intermission bc my legs kind of hurt just thinking about it. Then again, I have long legs.

  2. Actually they sort of used the uncomfortable seats as an excuse to tell people to donate generously to the Byrd Theater Foundation. Amazing! I’ve never been real uncomfortable there though. I think it’s worse for longer-legged folks. Also, just sitting anywhere for that long gets uncomfortable.

  3. Definitely. It’s also really nice to go through our duplicates of things, decide which one we’ll keep, and give the rest away or toss it if it’s thrashed. It’s very cathartic.

  4. i was pretty bummed out when i realized that being being at the fest would mean i missed gwtw at the byrd! oh well they will do it again someday right?

  5. Aw, sorry you missed it! I have no idea whether they’ll ever do it again, but by looking at the median age of the audience, I’d predict not. Maybe when we’re old ladies we’ll organize a showing of it there. 🙂

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