time thieves.

collage by the amazing dave mizelle

collage by the amazing dave mizelle

I am busy, I am busy, I am busy.

  • Wednesday night: meeting with church committee to start figuring out our space needs.
  • Thursday night: TBL couldn’t play the show last minute, because Blake got mega, mega sick.  Instead we went to dinner with Megan, Pete, and Daron (who was in town for a minute).  Had drinks, cracked up, and I think Daron and I talked really fast for most of the meal.  We sound like tween BFFs.  Later, we went to the Patrick Henry Inn to meet up with more folks (Justin, Marshall, Ty, Ash, Amanda, Maura) and had amazing conversation and drinks with the whole gang.  Some people showed off their iPhones.  A fantastic night.
  • Friday night: too tired / not feeling so great to do much.  Mostly chilled around the house and watched The Office.
  • Today: dyeing my hair, going to the rummage sale at Halcyon, going to Karen and Jon’s wedding, going to Plaza Bowl (perhaps?), going to 240 Minutes.

So, links:

Enough for now!  Time to go wash the dye out of my hair and be productive.  I’m so overwhelmed with being busy that I’ve barely gotten anything done.  All I could muster last night was removing my nail polish…not even putting new polish on.  Alright, time to get back to normal activity levels here.


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