of happiness and heartbeats.


Since the proposal on Monday night, the congratulations have poured in like crazy.  I’ve been wished well by people from high school, people from college, people at work, people at church, etc. etc. etc.  I’ve been getting them via phone, text, blog comment, Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.  And even a few in person.

This outpouring of happy sentiments has led me to reflect on what a great, supportive community I’ve found myself in.  I’m grateful for all of you.  Instead of saying “OH NO — NOT ANOTHER TRIP TO CRATE AND BARREL,” even if that’s what your first impulse may be, you have all been sweet and sincere in your congratulations.  You’ve treated it not as just something good that’s happened for me, but for you too.  It makes me feel wonderful.

It’s been fun to get congratulations from people I haven’t seen in years, because it’s good to know that they’re still watching from afar and that they wish me the best.  If those people have been shuffled to the outskirts because of location or time or differences, I love the fact that they are still there and haven’t been simply wiped off the face of the planet.

But even better are the congratulations from those who know us well and see us often.  These are the people who in the past year have had the opportunity to see us together and to get a sense for how we interact and how we treat each other, so of course I very seriously value their opinions.  From the inside, it seems that circumstances bounce off of us and don’t affect the solidity of our affections.  On days that are super packed with fun, on days that are full of outside disturbances and obstacles, and on days where we simply disagree, we feel the same way about each other.  I appreciate being around someone who treats me with love and respect no matter what kind of day he had at work, etc.  To hear that others can easily see this and affirm it with their excitement over our engagement is really great, and it reinforces my own perceptions.

I don’t expect that we will never change, and that challenges will never present themselves.  I don’t expect that every day will be all sugarplums and lollipops, like it arguably has been thus far.  But for a year and a few months that had a lot of tumultuous goings-on in our lives and in the world around us, relationship-wise we remained as healthy and steady as my appetite for crab cakes.  There is no way on earth to predict what lies ahead, but I think we have a 100% good-looking prognosis…a nicer luxury than most couples are afforded.  And unless you are psychic, all you can do is base your plans on what the current prognosis is.  We are blessed to have such an excellent jumping-off point.

To everyone who’s congratulated us so far: thanks.  It means a lot.

On a more routine note, we went to Silent Film Revival last night and the Blue Letter had the opportunity to provide a soundtrack for the 1928 silent film The Telltale Heart.  They played beautifully and it was a heck of a lot of fun.  The film of course was based on Poe’s short story of the same name.  I thought that the lead actor did a fantastic job of (silently) illustrating that he could hear a beating heart.  The set was my favorite part though; the crazy angles in the small room were very pointy and Beetlejuice-esque, and contributed to the distorted, unbalanced, creepy feeling of the story.  I enjoyed it wholeheartedly.  Seriously, I did.


3 thoughts on “of happiness and heartbeats.

  1. I’m late. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I love you both! And I think… Dan told me Saturday night, but I was so wasted face, I forgot. Can you believe that?!

    I’m so excited! Will the ceremony take place in Hollywood Cemetery?

  2. Nice, congratulations! You guys definitely seem like a perfect match; always so happy to be in each other’s company. I’m glad that you found each other and I’m sure the nice toll man in California is glad as well. We should get that guy to move here.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! The ceremony can’t take place in the cemetery because there’s not enough parking. And yes, we are thrilled to be around each other. I wish I knew how to contact that toll booth man; I’d send him a pizza.

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