Last night a good friend of mine from high school, Anthony Vincent, was in town.  We were really close around 9th and 10th grade, and then he moved to Ohio and we mostly lost touch.  I saw him again around 1998 when he was briefly in town, so I guess it’s been 10 years since I last saw him.  He does music of the noise persuasion now, and he and his girlfriend were in town for a show.  It was great hanging out with him; it made me remember why we were such fast friends in the first place.  We rolled to the Church of Crystal Light, a great new space in town, and watched several noise acts with those type of “weird for the sake of being weird” kids that make this college town so great.  I have a lot of stories from that show…the robot-dancy man, the drunk punk rock man, the “look at me!” girl…but I’ll let the story tell the pictures for now.  Ask me to do impressions next time we’re out.

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