of pillaging ponies.

This weekend was the annual Assateague camping trip with DC peeps.  It was beautiful: perfect weather, no mosquitoes (quite the contrast with last year’s experience), lots of good conversation.  Did I mention I love DC Drew?  Well now I also adore his girlfriend, Melody.  She is awesome.

As per usual there was sand, wind, a campfire, and lots of food.  Wild ponies, however, have an insatiable appetite for junk food, and break into campsites to procure this delicacy.  We were robbed twice, and the second time the horse managed to open my cooler and eat whatever food was left inside.  Next year: a cooler with latches?  By then they’ll have probably figured out how to crack those too.

When we finally got home after the long drive yesterday, a nap was in order.  I woke up because the power went out and the fan cut off.  I lit lots of candles and because I couldn’t do any of the 1,000 things on my to-do list that require a computer, I made soup in the kitchen.  It was delicious.


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