beauty and the train wreck.

Last night my mom made wheat sourdough bread and salad and potato soup, and it really revived me.  Mom’s food is magical.  When you’re exhausted, it makes you better.  I feel like a million bucks today.

Here’s a photo of me at my picnic, which I stole from the mighty Jon Sowers, via Karen’s camera.  Jon and Karen are awesome.  They’re getting married soon, but in the meantime they get dressed up and come to my parties.  As usual my photos of the event were not-so-great, and these seem to capture it a little more accurately.  Tranquility and friends and a lazy afternoon picnicking on a hillside.  What more could you want? 

I’m surrounded by so much beauty usually, and I think that’s what makes it particularly annoying to me when I have to get in the car and subject myself to the aesthetic train wreck that is running errands.  If this were a Senor Cranky column, it’d be called “I hate strip malls.”  Strangely, the fact that I hate strip malls just directs my attention back to why I hate them, and that is beauty.  And because I’m so blessed, and so lucky.  It’s humbling.

I’m off to the gym / “lunch.”  Today is my Friday, since I’m taking tomorrow off to prepare for Assateague.  I can’t forget to bring my spirit animal, as DC Drew instructed.  Huzzah!


4 thoughts on “beauty and the train wreck.

  1. you’re going to assateague? a bunch of people that post on the same message board that i do from the DC/maryland area are going. i wonder if it’s the same group?

  2. Haha, it totally is the same group. I only know some of the other people a little bit, as last year was my first time on the legendary annual DC Assateague trip. The Amazing Drew Thiemann invited me.

  3. aw- I just went to Assateague 2 weekends ago. I used to go with a big huge group a few years ago — that’s the way to do it.
    Have fun and say hi to the ponies for me!

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