the leaves are falling.

So tired.  This week has been insane!  Work work work, meetings meetings meetings.  Small group, SynerGeo, running out to see a friend of Dan’s in town, lots of time spent typing.  Just snuck home for a bit for lunch.  Time to squeeze in a quick blog, with links:

  • Guess who’ll be at Silent Music Revival on October 14?  Flyer stolen from Rumors:
  • Panda Head Mag Issue 2 is out!  Click and support!  Will it be more enticing if I mention the lovely Ben Green is featured?  Get in there.
  • History is made.
  • Green & blue.  Add black and this is basically my steez.
  • Chairs to fall for.
  • I think I sort of abandoned explodingdog because they didn’t have an RSS feed, but now they do!  So I’m back into it, and I’m glad.  It brightens my day.


3 thoughts on “the leaves are falling.

  1. That’s funny, because everyone else is in love with Ben Green. Haha, OLD NEWS! Seriously in the informal “who will age the best?” contest between people I’ve known since my early 20s, he is winning.

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