of specimens and storefronts.

This weekend as a list:

  • Dinner at Tim and Mary’s house, and hanging out with their adorable son, Morris. 
  • Morris is punker than all of us combined because he has learned to do a pretty convincing fake-throw-up sound, even before he can really talk.  He is the type of kid that makes you feel a sudden twinge of dread about what happens if your own chidren don’t turn out as cool as he.
  • Drive up to Philadelphia on Saturday morning, in the most perfectly cloudy weather with the loveliest gray light.
  • Maddie lives in a very bleak neighborhood with very stern-looking, crowded-in housefronts.  But her house is huge huge huge and quite clean, and it even has new windows, which I have certainly never had the pleasure of enjoying in any apartment.  She and Bruce seemed happy and were very welcoming and gave lovely hugs, but they had to rush off to a wedding in Baltimore.
  • The Mütter museum blew my mind and would have been 100% enjoyable if not for all the crowds.  I can’t believe all the people who live in Philly and haven’t been there.  It’s amazing.  But I’ll blog more about this on the Midnight Society page, as it’s the appropriate setting.
  • South Street seems kind of lackluster to me these days.  I couldn’t find anything worth the $14 price for most dresses at Retrospect, and Bare Feet Shoes was a strikeout as well.  It feels like every time I come up there are less interesting stores on this street and more garbage.  Next time I’m going to ask for advice on where else to shop. 
  • Dinner at Tattooed Mom (it’s cheesy but we couldn’t resist) was pretty boring except for the sauce on the pizza, which was tangy and abundant.
  • Mandy and Ian met up with us and we headed to Eastern State, which I will elaborate on over at the Midnight Society.  They turn it into a huge haunted prison every year, and I’ve been wanting to go for years — hence the trip.
  • Mandy always has an energy around her that is contagious, and I love to hear what amazing art project she is currently working on.  The great thing about them as a couple is that Ian doesn’t take away from the creative force that is Mandy; he enhances it and brings another element to it, being an artist himself. 
  • Drinks at Johnny Brenda’s, where some of Dan’s friends met up with us as well. 
  • I had a great time talking to them, especially this girl Rebecca who used to live in Sacramento.  Dan always speaks very highly of her, and sometimes it’s hard to live up to that kind of talk when being introduced to a stranger, but she did it effortlessly.  Down-to-earth, interesting, good conversationalist.  Good people. 
  • Maddie and Bruce also arrived at the bar, so our party had grown quite large by the time we left with them for a diner. 
  • I’m not exactly sure what diner we went to or where it was, but I was starving and the greasy food was incredible, and the waitress’ hands were so shaky I wanted to grab the dishes out of her hands but was afraid to embarrass her.  As usual, Bruce ate one million french fries.
  • Stayed at Maddie and Bruce’s house, the house of many cats.  TCFKAB (The Cat Formerly Known As “Bitey”) is no longer very bitey.
  • Brunch at Sabrina’s.  I wasn’t feeling so great, so the VERY long wait plunged me into despair, and Maddie had to get me a croissant somewhere just to save me from death.  Once inside, the food was wonderful and we had a great conversation and the morning turned out to be a successful one.
  • The drive home was long and we were exhausted, but we finished the Velvet Elvis audiobook and had good talks about various things. 
  • Worked through the material for our small group for this week (Genesis to be exact) while Dan was at band practice.
  • I ended the night curled snugly in my bed, thinking about how great it is to have a guy who challenges, enriches, and inspires me every time we talk.
  • P.S. I think I may have lost my camera, so no photos for this one.

3 thoughts on “of specimens and storefronts.

  1. The Mutter Museum is so interesting. I went a couple of years ago in January and practically had the place to ourselves. AND we got in 1/2 off with our student IDs. I love Philly. Am jealous you saw Mandy-I haven’t seen her in years.

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