dear richmond

Sometimes people visit Richmond and I’m disappointed that they don’t seem to grasp its true essence.  Others perceive it immediately, and it shows.  It is a wonderful thing seeing someone fall in love with something that you love too.  Recently someone posted these amazing letters all over my street, and — well, it just about sums it all up.  I was going to take one down, scan it, and then replace it, but Scott already took a great photo of it and posted it on  So without further ado:

This also relates back to what I was saying here about the strange lure of RVA.


4 thoughts on “dear richmond

  1. So refreshing to read about observations such as yours, and Zach, the letter writer. Many Richmonders — and I’m a lifer — consume themselves with what the city is not, or how it fares in comparison to some place else, and invariably these contrasts are made to cause Richmond to look poorer.

    This gets tiring.

    Let Richmond be Richmond, and those of us who live here, who care about her, give her both the leeway and the encouragement to be the best she can be.

    There is no reason why Richmond cannot join the sorority of great cities like Charleston, Savannah and wounded New Orleans.

    We just have to stop getting in our own way. –HEK

  2. Thanks everyone. I’m flattered that the great Harry Kollatz commented! I’m a big fan. And I agree with you wholeheartedly. Even though there’s a tendency to “like um totally move to NYC right after graduation,” the fact that they nearly all come back speaks for itself. Or that they end up unhappy wherever they move. I think a lot of times people say “everything sucks because of this town, things are boring because of this town.” When someone says that, I know it’s actually the speaker who’s boring. There are so many things to do here I can hardly catch my breath.

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