the expression and the cure.

Goth is a look that simultaneously expresses and cures its own sense of alienation.

In honor of my birthday yesterday, published this great article addressing the longevity and influence of goth fashion.  It’s true that this alleged “trend” now has its place among the most established of tried-and-true styles.  It’s something you can borrow from, add to, and comment on in every single outfit you wear.  But I’ve been saying this for years.  The fact that several people forwarded this article to me today means that at least some of you have been paying attention.  This combined with hard evidence I’ve mentioned before that goth kids are more likely to be good students and pursue very solid careers pretty much solidifies both sides of the goth coin.  Huzzah!

Speaking of my birthday, it was a lovely day indeed.  After work I dined on shrimp and cheesecake at my parents’ house and collected money and gifts.  My sister gave me a really neat craft book and Dan gave me some perfume and makeup and a book illustrated by Edward Gorey.  I also got this fantastic gift from Brandi, who is truly the fairest of them all.  I lucked out!  Although I enjoyed the 17th, the real party is my macabre dress-up picnic on Saturday.  I can’t wait to see everyone and catch up and laze around on our blankets, enjoying conversations and scenery.

To top everything off, as I was riding my bike home today and I heard someone go “Tesla!”  And I turned around and it was Matt freaking Beck leaning out of the window of a beat-up looking old van.  If you know this guy, you know why this — and pretty much everything else he does — is hilarious.  Later he called me and told me all sorts of insane stuff, including the fact that we should add another day to the week so that it’s an 8-day week, and that the extra day will be another weekend day, and that it’ll be called Tessday.  I like it.  Hopefully he’ll come back next week and throw a hotel party, as promised.

Besides all that, much has been going on this week.  Synergeo had our monthly community dinner on Monday night, during which Mad Dog actually came into the building.  Synergeo = 1, Forces of evil = 0.  Tuesday night we had our first Franklin St. small group meeting at my house, in which we established a general consensus of what we’d all like to get out of the group and what we’ll be studying first, and also in which everyone ate delicious cookies from my mom’s tried-and-true recipe.  Last night I already talked about, and tonight I’ve got a Synergeo board meeting to go to and much crafting to accomplish.  Tomorrow night: Busch Gardens (Howl-O-Scream, heck yes!) and a certain amazing person‘s birthday bash.

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