Today I turn 27.  Today is also the first truly cold day of fall.  On my morning run, a cool breeze swept through the Fan and rustled the leaves that are beginning to collect on the sidewalks, and the smell of spices from Sauer’s filled the air.  Nearly everything in my life is perfect, and I’m happy to observe with Candide that this does appear to be the “best of all possible worlds,” in spite of inflation and debt and chronic whiners and the color beige and everything.  What luck, that all these blessings would be bestowed upon one so unworthy as me.  I am delighted and grateful to accept them.


8 thoughts on “twenty-seven.

  1. I had an amazing birthday. Thanks so much for all the comments. Thanks to the wonders of Myspace and Facebook, I got wished a happy birthday more times than I ever thought possible. It was great, because at work all day it’s fantastic to be constantly reminded that it’s your birthday. I love you all.

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