of recklessness and water.

Ce weekend

Friday: Much crafting.  And then hangouts for Katie’s 2nd annual 25th birthday at Havana 59 and Ipanema.  I was please to meet a lot of her coworkers, who seem to be quite the close-knit crew.

Saturday: More crafting, then lunch at Mom’s Siam with Beth, Burke, and Terry.  Yes people, my BFF since circa preschool will be a Doctor of Physics come 9/8/08.  And then she’s conquering the world starting with Spain.  So get ready.

Went to a goodbye dinner / dancing / drinks for Daniel Lawson at Cous Cous and New York Deli.  I had a great time catching up with several people and laughing a lot, but perhaps the highlight of the evening was DJ‘s very flattering photography.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  Thank you sir.

Early Sunday morning Dan got home from tour, and we spent the day making breakfast, running errands, going to church, and playing 90s Trivial Pursuit with Chet, Courtney, and Blake.  I love board games, but Trivial Pursuit is officially not my cup of tea.  I suppose it should have been obvious to me that someone who does not watch television should never play this game.

Yesterday was the most relaxing day of the weekend, if not the summer.  We were up with the sun and picking our way across the rocks at Pony Pasture, long before the crowds arrived.  It was quiet and beautiful.

For breakfast we gave the Village a chance (the first one I’ve given it since around 2004) and it was great.  Good diner food with good service: this place has improved immensely.  After breakfast we watched movies all day (One-word reviews — Shawshank Redemption: Yikes, My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Yay) and grilled out some leftovers before watching a little Kids In the Hall and making Nanaimo squares for Dad’s birthday today.


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