dreary is wonderful today.

Normally a couple of cloudy days in a row really affect me and I get all gloomy.  But it’s been so dry all summer and my garden has suffered so much that these few days of rain are like a grand gift all wrapped up just for me.  And it feels somehow restful to enjoy the cloudiness and not have to shield myself from that murderous old sun for five minutes.

Also, during this much-needed alone time, I’ve accomplished several things that have been on my list for months.  I’ve tried not to make any plans and devote this week to getting things done, but of course my weekend’s filling up again.  Still, I hope to get in several more hours of cleaning and crafting before the boys return on Sunday.

In other news: Thanks to this post at decor8, I’m a little obsessed with Tim Walker right now.  I need to start posting more images that inspire me, as I think they’re really able to convey how I’m feeling at a given moment.  Perhaps more simply than words.

And I love pictures that have a horse just standing in a living room.  There’s something so absurdly wonderful about it.

But enough about me, RVANews Best and Worst list voting is here!  Go vote!

And now, links:

  • Local produce at Wal-Mart?  Now you know whenever Wal-Mart gets around to embracing a change, it’s become a Big mainstream Deal.  Huzzah, I guess!
  • Jonathan’s post about Simplify Media really opened my eyes.  The developers behind this really grasp the concept of creating applications to make life simpler, not to clutter life.  This just took the iPhone from “seriously, another stupid status symbol gadget?” to “actually, that could simplify my life.”
  • Tracy very insightfully addresses the issue of paying for / not paying for music. It’s nice to hear the perspective of someone who likes cool music and is into rarities and also works in the record business.  And while I appreciate her point that artists should be reimbursed for their work like any other workers, I have to side with Jefferson here and say laissez-faire.  In our system, you get to vote with your dollars on what to buy.  If you’re producing a product that’s worth people paying for, they’ll buy it…and if not, they’ll find something else in the vast universe of things competing for their money.
  • This cute little store won my heart with its Alice-inspired name.  Too bad it’s in London.


3 thoughts on “dreary is wonderful today.

  1. I am happy for your garden, but this weather is not so great for busing to and from work. 😉

    Also, love the Of Cabbages and Kings store! 🙂


  2. I have yet to even really use the app on my iPhone…but the idea of having EVERYTHING there when I need it, is just awesome. But from using it at work (iMac at home streams to WinAmp here at work – iTunes on PC was giving me to much crap), its a lifesaver. And being able to have a community around it, to share music with friends, I have already purchased at least 2 albums from other friends libraries. If you set it up, let me know!

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