top 5 reasons to attend amanda’s wedding

Top 5 reasons to attend the weddings of high school pals that you never see anymore:

  1. You truly do wish you saw each other more, and this is the perfect excuse to get back in touch.
  2. There may be two or more of your high school gym teachers in attendance.
  3. Catching up with your friends’ parents who remember you as a small child with thick, brown braids or a glittery-eyelinered terror on the softball field is always fun.
  4. Mashed potato bar!
  5. How else will you find out what your high school cheerleaders ended up naming their kids?

This past Saturday night I attended the wedding of Amanda and Garrett.  I went to elementary school with Garrett, and middle and high school with both of them.  In high school, I had French class and softball with Amanda and she became one of my best friends.  We were a cute little odd couple: the blonde cheerleader and the fishnetted alternateen.  We’ve always understood things similarly in the world of relationships, and I could always count on her to see my viewpoint immediately and without too much description or justification.  I could tell her anything, and I know that if I called her up right now, I still could.  I’m glad she’s one of the few people I keep in touch with pretty well from high school.  Although I didn’t know too many people at the wedding, I had an amazing time just seeing her enjoying herself and catching up with people I haven’t seen in close to 10 years.

Luckily I’m not sick of weddings, because I have at least two more to attend in the next couple of months.


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