TmfBL in RVA

Well, the first Blue Letter show in Richmond came and went and was amazing.  We spent the day hanging out with Who Calls So Loud, and I ended up enjoying their set very much as well.  They have a gorgeous double LP that I hope lots of people will pick up on this tour.  Their adorable, young Japanese merch guy was almost as cute as I was.

It was good to see the boys perform; I’m sure it must feel like a release after all these months of practicing and preparing.  And I got a chance to remember why I was a fan since long before I ever started dating Dan.  They stand out as just as impressively as ever, and I can’t wait to see how they’ll sound after they get fully back into the swing of things as a band.

That evening, as I sat at the merch table, I watched a whole bunch of people writhe around in neon colors on television — apparently the closing ceremonies for the Olympics.  Surrounded by the hard work and sweat and humble ambition of TBL and people who managed to persevere to the end of a Sunday night show, nothing seemed more ridiculous and fake and somehow irrelevant than the flashing display of wealth and self-aggrandizement on the screen in front of me.  ::sigh:: Yet another reason why I despise televisions in public places.  Please get that thing out of my way, I’m trying to have a life.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to see TBL.  Dan’s been so pleased and inspired to live amongst so many creative people here in Richmond, and he’s had a blast going to all of your rock shows, art openings, and clam bakes.  I know it meant a lot to him to see all of you there supporting him in his endeavor as well.

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