To catch us up: Thursday night was very tiring and full of dinner at Panda Veg, flyering for the Blue Letter show, running much-needed errands, and saying goodbye to Mandy and Ian (they moved to Philly on Friday).  Friday evening I went to the grocery store and cooked / baked for several hours in preparation for Saturday.  Afterward we met up with Kenny, Phil, and friends and drank a little at Cous Cous and went to huge party on Clay.

Yesterday was Best Friends Day 2008 at Hadad’s Lake, or “heaven” as some like to call it.  We actually succeeded in getting there early this year, and at 10:30am we were only the second group to arrive.  This allowed us tons of time for changing clothes, putting on sunblock, and floating leisurely around the lake alone before everyone else finally got there and the insanity began.  I had an amazing time and spent most of the day floating around on a float with my parasol in hand, so since I was in the water a lot I didn’t take many pictures.  But lots of other people did, so stay tuned…I’m sure to steal a few and post them.  As usual the crowd grew considerably this year, and got younger of course.  I’m glad they rented out the entire park for the day, since there wouldn’t have been much room for other unsuspecting families to squeeze in.

Here are some awards for the day:

Least likely to settle down for a photo: Dan
Most random statements made: Drew
Bathing suit that looks most like a dress: Nicole (runner-up: Tess)
Palest: Tess / Angie (tie!)
Worst mustache: Michael Otley
Most scandalous attire: Jameson Price
Best hair: Liana / that guy with the spiky red and black hair
Best hat: Kenny / Mattie
Tiniest bikini: Mattie
Totally not there at all: Talia
Best matchy t-shirts: Jett and friends
Best-looking girl: Brandi
Best-looking new boyfriend: Milan
Best beverage: Kristin and Dave’s sangria
Best cookies: Laura
Drunkest / most awesome: Matt Seymour


4 thoughts on “BFD 2008 OMG OMG OMG

  1. So awesome! And girl, you know you should have voted for yourself for best hair.

    ps. the boy with the spiky black and red hair is sara’s boyfriends roommate. he took a picture of his junk and bullet belt on my camera. SO PUNK!

  2. Oh noes! Well it’s a good thing someone’s that punk, because we sure as heck don’t have the time to be. Glad to know someone’s holding down Fort Embarrassmyself for us. Seriously though, I guess I should’ve stayed later to catch all that on camera.

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