survival of the palest.

Here’s a photo from the Bizarre Market of Angie and I that I stole from Nicole:

We’ve been known to kinda match sometimes.

This just in: BUY KENNY’S T-SHIRTS.  Seriously.

Oh also, COME TO KENNY’s DJ NIGHT.  I promise this is not just a blog to advertise Kenny’s goings-on.

Anyway, where did we leave off before the digression about magma? Ah yes, Sunday. Dan ended up working at the new Salvation until he was completely finished, and I helped a little. I also made cookies, which we took to Karen Wolfe’s potluck in her lovely backyard. It was really nice to be the first ones there, as it allowed us to really catch up with her. And then the people who showed up were all fun to talk to, and I had a really great time.

On Monday night we had dinner at my parents’ house which consisted mainly of vegetables that my mom grew. Delicious. Nothing’s more comforting than a mom-cooked meal followed by chocolate cake and coffee on the back porch.

Tuesday evening I went to the Byrd House Market and whipped up a veggie stir-fry to take to Nicole’s vegan potluck. I brought the stir-fry and some fresh cantaloupe from Mom’s garden, but I was greatly out-done by my friends with their fancy vegan cupcakes: strawberry shortcake and german chocolate cake. It was great to spend some relaxing time just sharing a meal with friends and hearing about the occupational whirlwind that Nicole is embarking on with her new job.

Also, we watched some of the Olympics…synchronized diving, to be specific. I don’t really enjoy watching sports on TV, but the Olympics are usually an exception because of all the melodrama that the networks use to spice it up and get you hooked. It was fun to see some of my friends who normally don’t give a farthing about sports getting so into the Olympics and rattling off exactly which medals “we’ve” won in each sport. Sports are at their best when they can get a group of people excited and engaged and connected to each other, which I think is what was happening there in Catherine and Liana and Julia’s living room.

Speaking of melodrama, last night was the Tidal Waves’ final bout of the season. We lost both games to the always-melodramatic Make Mine a Double, but we put up a good fight and looked great doing it. I had a good season and am looking forward to our annual end-of-the-season pool party next week.

Catching up on links…

  • Fighting cavateez! Ur doin it right.
  • Some lovely headband inspiration from ThreadBanger.
  • A tutorial for people who’ve asked how to make a t-shirt quilt!
  • A neat modern architecture pop-up book. Now they just need to make one for the Regency period. Which will only be purchased by me.
  • An article actually paying attention to what CEOs wear.  Innnnteresting.
  • Brandi’s breakup guide offers help to those in need!
  • As Wired calls it, “3 Smart Things About Sunburn.” “Survival of the palest” = new slogan?  Or maybe what I should’ve called this blog instead of “Parasol Party.”  Eh, same difference.
  • Martha Stewart masters yet another key to success: being able to laugh at yourself.  She owns.  Still!
  • Leave it to CA to produce another activity for people with more money than God.  But seriously, it’d be rad to bottle your own vintage at Grape Camp!
  • Now THIS is the ultimate cross-stitch.  The triforce is out there!
  • Er — j/k — maybe this is the ultimate cross-stitch.  I can’t pit Zelda and Star Wars against each other; it’s a geek’s nightmare.
  • I love the title of this article about the offspring of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood starting his own punk fashion label.  I’m really excited to see what he’ll do, but it does bear pointing out that it’s maybe not-so-anti-establishment to follow in the exact footsteps of ones’ parents.  Still, if your mom is Vivienne Westwood, why not follow in her footsteps?
  • Urban aquaculture?  Neat new stuff.  Suddenly the fishtank seems like a more promising item.
  • I haven’t even fully processed how gorgeous this is yet

4 thoughts on “survival of the palest.

  1. a) you’re the best blogger ever.

    b) thanks for the shout out. do people say that still? what other word could i use?

    c) you and angie are so pretty. and let me tell you how i can make this about me… it makes ME feel pretty because i’m also fair with dark hair and i was teased before… but now i know it’s the ONLY and coolest way to be.

  2. Hey there! Thanks for shopping at our market and for telling others about it too. I also went to the Bizarre Market and before I knew it, I had laid out $100 bucks but I really had fun and found some great stuff. See you at the market next week!

    Laura Morand Bailey, Byrd House Market Manager

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