of karaoke stories and cake-cutting.

This weekend it’s lovely to see Nicole, back and better than ever from all her adventures, and well-stocked with stories and impressions of life in Japan versus life here.

The Bizarre Market / Jonny Z fest was great.  As much as I love it when they have the BIzarre Market closer next to Chop Suey, it was a nice change of scenery on Shields, and (gasp!) there was lots of shade!  Basically everyone was there, the weather was beautiful, and seeing all my friends smiling and happy made my day.

I think Art 180 is going to try to do an art project every year in Jonny Z’s honor.  I can’t think of any better legacy than that for him.

Last night we went to Dave and Kristin‘s wedding reception at Art Works.  Oftentimes you see couples getting stressed out or bogged down by long conversations with relatives at their weddings, but Dave and Kristin mingled and circulated and smiled and laughed and were clearly having an amazing time, which made me have an amazing time. Well, that and the miniature crab cakes.

And sitting with Kelsey and Andrew didn’t hurt either.  My stomach hurts from laughing.

Today there is food to make, church to attend, and a potluck to go to.  Hopefully a somewhat-calmer day to cap off our blast of a weekend.


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