of pho and pillowcases.

It keeps raining when I get up early to weed the garden.  Most inconvenient.

The weekend was lovely.  Friday night we had dinner with my parents at the Hill Cafe, and then walked around Church Hill.  The view from Libby Hill Park is still the prettiest.  Saturday Dan and I went to Busch Gardens and had an amazing time.  We were back in time for dinner at Mekong for Sean’s birthday, where I had some delicious pho.  Then we headed to the Camel for Now Sleepyhead‘s cd release show, followed up with drinks at Kira’s.  Sunday we were exhausted.  Tried India K’ Raja for lunch, and it wasn’t so great.  Royal India is much, much better.  After church we went to the grocery store and made faux chicken patties for dinner with corn on the cob.  Mmm.

I’m so glad that Now Sleepyhead finally has CDs and merch.  Pillowcases and stuffed sheep are the cutest merch ideas ever.  I am proud of these people.

Last night I spent most of the night sewing while Dan worked a side job.  Afterward I made eggplant parmesan and we watched the rest of John Adams.  It was excellent.  So far this week is great!


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