traded for tranquility.

So many amazing things in the past few days…

Charlottesville: Monticello, the Kluge Estate and a beautiful picnic, the Downtown Mall, and Mas.  Fell more in love with Jefferson, as usual.  Currently reading American Sphinx by Joseph J. Ellis, and so far it’s fascinating.

Va Beach: Terrible traffic, the Shebaylos’ first time in the Atlantic, shopping on the strip, big seafood dinner.  Much giggling and falling over in the waves, as the only beach they’d ever really been swimming at was at some lake in Canada.

Lovely hangouts on my back porch, talking for hours and watching Dan’s parents kick back the Budweisers.

It was bittersweet to part with them.

After so many weeks of preparation for their visit (and being completely immersed in it since they arrived), I can say it was certainly worth all the planning and traveling and shuffling around that was involved in making their time here great.  Imagine my delight at getting to explain the Civil War to two people who had never really heard of it.  At the same time, I will be glad to see things float back to the calm that is our life.  This evening it was so therapeutic to enjoy church with the noise of bees buzzing and birds chirping outside floating in through the open doors, and then to have dinner at Joe’s with amazing friends.

It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness. — TJ

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