very hot stuff.

Quick update: Monday night we took Dan’s parents to the Hill Cafe and then Dan’s mom and I went on an H&M shopping spree.  Last night we met up with my entire immediate family for dinner at Comfort, and I think all of us except two ordered the fried catfish.  Huzzah!  The squash casserole was a big hit.  Afterward we had coffee and such, and Dad talked about guns.  Last night we went to Mekong and then to Target, which thrills Dan’s parents to their absolute core.  Imagine being stuck in a rough terrain full of only Wal-Marts and Costcos.  Yikes.  Target is a bastion of decency.  Or just really, really good marketing to which we have all succumbed.  Anyway, the real reward for our trip into the icky urban sprawl that is the West End was visiting Krispy Kreme.  We watched those little doughy suckers all the way down the conveyor belt, transforming into perfectly round concoctions and then popping into our mouths at the end.  Still the best doughnuts in the universe.  It has been very hard for Dan and I to avoid this place, but we’ve managed to only go there twice since he moved here.

Dan’s parents have become obsessed with 20Q.  It’s a sad descent into addiction, and I feel partly to blame.

But, on to business!

I should mention again, since recently a couple of people asked me about it, that my friends should just ask for the password to view protected posts.  Nothing secret at all is there; I just post about stuff that’s too private for e-stalkers’ eyes there.  For example, I don’t want to broadcast to the universe at large certain things about the workplace, or things mentioning my exact daily schedule involving times I will be at places, etc.  So yeah.  If you know me on the level where you could call me up and ask me what time I’m going to be wherever anyway, then ask me for the password.  No biggie.

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3 thoughts on “very hot stuff.

  1. ahhh… i file you two and your extended families and adventures under A-dorable. will you text me your password so i can read the secret posts??!! 🙂

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