still more matrimony.

The wedding on Saturday was great.  The drive on 17 N takes you through endless miles of Virginia countryside, lush and green even in this dry and this hot of a summer.  Beth and Burke were married in a small stone church in front of mostly family, and the reception was down the street at Burke’s family’s lovely old farmhouse.  Afterward we “young people” took a dip in Burke’s cousin’s pool and then headed to a clearing next to a Christmas tree farm for a cookout, where Dan and I pretended to know things about physics as we chatted with Beth and her many thesis-writing friends.  We enjoyed the outdoors for a couple more hours and were home in time to completely reorganize the utility room at Dan’s house.

I loved that almost Burke’s entire family lives in Markham, VA, in similar, white farmhouses with tin roofs on adjacent hillsides. Burke’s grandfather was born in and raised six kids in the house that we had the pleasure of seeing.  Everything was quiet and slow out there, and the beverage of choice at the reception was sweet tea.  In addition to all the other lovely things on Saturday, the recessional song played as Beth and Burke exited the church as man and wife was (I believe) the “Throne Room Ceremony” music from Star Wars.

Yesterday we did about every household chore you can think of without much pausing, plus waged war with clippers on the weeds taking over in the front of Dan’s house.  We packed the final offending weeds that we could possibly grab into the trash just as a thunderstorm blew up and some much-needed rain began pelting us.  As always, nothing beats a storm when viewed from a covered porch…especially when you’re next to the most pleasant young man in the universe.

Today is our 11monthiversary!  And tonight we pick Dan’s parents up from the airport.


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