on my list.

I have been preparing all evening for the arrival of Dan’s parents on Monday night.  Just tidying up in general, stocking the candy bowls, etc…but mostly making a nice, long list of suggested activities for them to do while we’re at work.  I made a list of those activities with descriptions of each, and printed out directions to each location.  I sure hope they like historical sites.  I wish I had more time to show them around myself!  But I’m very excited for their visit: partly just to meet them, and partly because I know Dan’s been longing to see them for a crazy amount of time.

Tonight after running a couple of errands we went to the WELC vegan potluck to honor Tesni being home from Japan for a minute.  Keaton was well-behaved and soft and smelling nicely.  Katia made vegan spanakopita.  I got to watch a little cable television.  There is nothing like the feeling of basking in the warm glow of the amazing friendships in my life.  They never stop surprising me and adding support and value to the structure of things.

This weekend will consist of baking and hopefully sewing, and attending the wedding of my best friend from childhood.  That’s right people, she’s taking a break out of her busy getting-paid-to-study-physics-at-Princeton lifestyle to marry a charming, witty man.  I think this was always my dream for her.


5 thoughts on “on my list.

  1. I’m wondering if it would be easy to post the list you made for Dan’s parents. I’m sure it’s filled with fun stuff I’ve never even thought of, living in Richmond my entire life.

  2. Yes, definitely. Good call. I will post that stuff as soon as I get a minute. Maybe I will make a more general, exhaustive version and just keep it around for anyone’s first time visiting RVA.

  3. i want to see the list, too! it was so nice seeing you and dan even for two seconds at the show and potluck— see you guys so soon! and nicole , too! you are a domestic goddess, i love reading your posts

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