If, and I do mean IF, a Richmond style blog along the lines of RVA Mannequin (now defunct?) and Pandahead were to be started up, what would you call it?  Send in your clever submissions now!  The universe needs your help.

The first post would have something to do with Andrew Rhea and polo shirts.

J/k, j/k.


6 thoughts on “poll:

  1. Well that would be awesome actually. But I did bring the idea up to Ross and he seemed like he’d be into seeing a blog on it, but didn’t say he’d want it to be a column for him. Maybe I should ask him specifically.

  2. In all seriousness…

    If you are going to be the mastermind behind this exercise it makes me excited. The name could be anything (ie, pandahead) and it wouldn’t really matter. I think you have a wonderful eye and are completely impartial to trends. What has always bothered me about fashion blogs is how they tend to blow right over classic looks.

    Go for it. Your first job is to interview flux rad.


  3. Yes, I have a feeling that I would include more of a variety of styles than some previous efforts…probably less of the Shafer Court set and more of both the Oregon Hill and grown-up set. But anyway. Of course I would interview Flux Rad! Although I don’t know what I’d ask because I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU ALREADY.

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