This week has been busy.  The Tidal Waves had two — that’s right, TWO! — victories last night, and tonight I spent the evening running errands and cleaning out the downstairs back porch area, followed by stringing many lights.  I was filthy afterward.  Have you ever cleaned years-old spiderwebs out of all the nooks and crannies of a back porch?  Very sticky.

But I had time tonight to stop by Gianna’s place and meet the new baby, Keaton.  He’s perfect in every way.  It was so surreal to hold him.  One of my close friends actually birthed a child and is taking care of it.  Somehow, this is the most commonplace and amazing thing in the world at the same time.  On the way home I had the random urge to cry, I guess because it’s just so suddenly real to me.  The reality of my friends having families, and eventually me.  Of feedings every two hours, and of being tired yet happy.  It’s something that involves a lot of sacrifice, and heck.  I admire that.  I can’t wait to see more of Keaton and hang out with him and watch him grow.  I just wish Nicole and Tesni were here to see him during these first few months.

Back to my life though: the backyard is officially party-ready.  And it’s officially 90 degrees and humid enough that walking two blocks at 10:30pm makes you sopping wet with perspiration.  Welcome, summer.


One thought on “mini-her.

  1. dont worry! im coming! i can atleast see him for a few days! it is truly sureal though, and im not sure i will actually comprehend it until im holding him. its so crazy. and i know i will cry, considering i cry at everything lately hahaha. im just too happy! cant wait to see you soon! but i can wait to see that heat… ugh

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