corporate brainssss

This afternoon is lovely.  The weather is perfect.  I ditched the gym today and had lunch at Popkin Tavern for the first time, and I was impressed.  Crab cake sandwich = satisfactory.  Greyhound = even better.

Tonight I get to see Fun Size!  I’ve had a blast at all the other reunion shows this year, but I have to admit I’m the most excited about this one.  This will allow me to revisit the age of 15 as thoroughly as possible.  I only wish my BFF from back then, Beth, was here to watch it with me.  I will be singing the words up front for her while she’s busy at Princeton, taking exams for her Extra Doctorate in Weird Science or something.

This weekend there is much planned: cookouts a-go-go, sparkly shopping, cemetery picnic, Skull-A-Day stuff.  But perhaps it’ll all get rained out, giving us the opportunity to curl up on the back porch and watch a lovely southern thunderstorm.

I love summertime.


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