in a dress.

The other day Jett left me a note on the kitchen table that said “You rock for cutting the grass in a dress!”

I have to admit that although I garden in dresses routinely and people may or may not be ripping me off, I didn’t look a bit like this. I am, however, digging the fall collection from BB Dakota. I like the balance it strikes between old-timey but not too frilly. Prissy, but polished and classic. My taste exactly. This stuff is supposed to be available at Nordstrom and Up Against the Wall, so I’ll be on the lookout for a special treat of store-bought clothes sometime soon. Real, actual store-bought clothes! Thanks, Teen Vogue.

If you’re participating in society then you have to wear clothes every day, so they may as well express your personal style. You could have worn anything in the world, anything in the whole world today. Why did you pick what you have on? On some level, does it naturally allude to and accentuate who you are? Tell me.


2 thoughts on “in a dress.

  1. For some unexplainable reason I have a desire to wear clothing that looks like something out of a Polo ad or J Crew catolog despite the fact that unlike everyone in said ads and catalogs I am Big Like Ox…

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