of rose-trimming and centaurs

Finally, a sunny weekend…and yet, it’s not really “summer” in Richmond until like 90 degrees every day.  Let us rejoice in this new invention called “spring.”

Friday night we went to Redemption‘s first show, which was a lot of fun.  The place was packed!  We were also able to have dinner with the lovely and talented Jason Mazzola at Common Groundz (I recommend the crab bisque).  Afterwards we ran errands, and then watched the cheesy-yet-entertaining movie 13 Going On 30, featuring Jennifer Garner at her most ridiculous.

Saturday Dan very sweetly mowed the backyard, and I finished mulching and doing the usual maintenance on the roses.  Then we went to his house and I clipped some more shrubs, but a weedwhacker malfunction caused us to cut the gardening short.  I’m glad we at least got to hang out in the yard for a little while, because I start to feel completely abnormal after staying inside exclusively for a few days.  Afterward we lunched with Jamie Nester on the southside, catching up with our favorite media mogul over some tacos.  In the afternoon we went to some car dealerships, which are probably the most Tess-wilting of all habitats.  I do not enjoy them. But finally we were able to come home, where I made penne with marinara, cheese and garlic biscuits, and lima beans, upon which we feasted outside in the gathering dark (and gathering mosquitos).  The night was capped off by going to the movies for the first time in forever, to see The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, which was just as tailored-for-me as one might have expected.

Sunday we went to Loaves and Fishes, where we joined our wonderful FSC friends in mac n’ cheese up to the elbows.  I am able to take naps now, so I took one after we got back, and then we headed to the southside for my sister’s graduation party.  There we saw pretty much all of my relatives, and Megan got lots of cash money so she’ll be all set for her trip to Europe.  My mother is the universe’s queen in regards to party food.  We hung around quite late and Dan did magic tricks for the family by special request.

Wii Fit came out today, but I neglected to pre-order because there’s just a heck of a lot going on in my life.  But soon I’m sure it will be mine.



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