like it’s 1999

Still catching up to current life here…

Last weekend we spent pretty much decompressing from the trip.  So this Saturday night we finally invited everybody to Ipanema to celebrate the divorce dealings being over with.  I made cupcakes, and we had dinner, and my brother came up, and it was just a huge blast.  I broke out the Polaroid camera (one more person says anything about the film, and I will flip out).  We spread out around the back of the place, and I had an amazing time just catching up with pretty much everyone I wanted to see.  Our friends are the greatest.

Backtracking a bit, here are some things we did since we’ve been back:

  • Watched No Country For Old Men: borrrrrrrrring.  Everybody who said “it’s not a Tess movie” was right.
  • Susan’s 90s-themed bachelorette party at Ipanema
  • Katia’s surprise birthday party (as previously mentioned)
  • Dinner with Mom and Dad
  • Byrd House Market (wonderful)
  • Softball
  • Drinks for Daron and Jenny’s brief appearance in town…excellent to see everyone, many hugs given to properly send them off to L.A.
  • Saw the Cure with Angie.  Always exciting to be in the same (large, large) room as Robert Smith, but really they just stand there and bore a person to tears for three hours.  Are three, five-song encores really necessary?  No, no they’re not.
  • Niki’s baby shower.  We won the contest for figuring out which baby foods were which.  It was awesome to see all the ex- and current Xperts there.  I miss them.
  • Yardwork to turn Dan’s front yard from a jungle into a thickly-mulched bed for two lovely, large, stately bushes.  Also cut back the tea roses next to the steps between his yard and Manny’s, and I planted a blueberry bush.
  • Baked 48 cupcakes and made little flags to go in each one.
  • For Mother’s Day, we made Dan’s signature tacos and had my parents and brother over.  We watched National Treasure, which was not as bad as advertised.
  • Made dinner together last night and got about a million things eradicated from our to-do lists.  I finally swapped out my old Linksys wireless router from like 2002 with a brand new one, and surprise!  It is a whole lot faster, and Mac users can actually access it.  Fantastic.

Now we’re all caught up on life.  I need to catch you all up on links too, but that’s not as urgent.  Later….


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