the sweet, uneven pulse of the unknown

A couple of weeks ago, Church Hill People’s News posted a link to this audio of WCVE commentator Brooks Smith talking about possible origins of where the name “Chimborazo” may have come from.  He starts out with this amazing little poetic hymn about Richmond, and it really caught my attention and made me drop everything.  I thought…”That is exactly how I feel.  That’s exactly what you can’t ever figure out how to describe when you want to describe Richmond to someone who’s never been here.”  I feel like many times, when talking about the strange lure of this town, people have tried to get this across, but none yet so eloquently.

Richmond is a song, with lyrics lost, and found, and lost again.
She is a quality of noise, a tremble of falling water, a pulse of falling brick.
She is an exultation; not quite what she seems, but more, always more.
Like a muse in the ashes of what was, or could have been.
And though we have studied her, poking and prodding at the marks of her past,
Though we have recorded what seems like every grain of her fame and infamy,
Still there lingers the sweet, uneven pulse of the unknown.


3 thoughts on “the sweet, uneven pulse of the unknown

  1. I was so excited to see you excerpt my Chimborazo piece. Richmond is surely a strange and wonderful place. Have you seen the new, little book, Facts and Legends of the Hills of Richmond? The Chimborazo piece is in there, along with other happy, forgotten and otherwise irregular storylines. I added an “adventure map” in the hopes that someone might actually venture around the city with me to celebrate our dear old haunts. I am certain I did not capture them all, but it’s a start. Cheers! Brooks

  2. Brooks: so glad you visited! Whoa — a new book about legends of Richmond?! No way, I didn’t know about it. I need to pick that up soon. You have no idea how much the idea of an adventure map excites me. Having adventures right around my own city is one of my favorite things to do. Thanks again!

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