civilization – 1, wilderness – 0

If you want to be happy for a short time, get drunk;
happy for a long time, fall in love;
happy forever, take up gardening.

— Arthur Smith

Finally, after about nine hours total (Friday night and all day today), both the front and back gardens are weeded and mulched.

The front yard honestly wasn’t that hard.  The mulch I used this fall was amazing, so I just got the same stuff.  Barely any weeds had come up, and the dianthus never stopped blooming all winter.  I weeded, planted a few small rosebushes, and re-mulched.  It only took a couple of hours — long enough for Talia, Jett, and Audrey to sip beers on the porch.

Today was the day of reckoning, though.  The day in which I was to enter the wild alone, and wrangle it into submission.  A fight to the death!  Let’s just say that I’m still standing, and about 9,000 dandelion plants have been brutally murdered.  One thing that’s weird is the idea of walking up to a garden that’s been untouched for months, and just sticking your hands in.  Today I touched all manner of crickets, roly-poly bugs, centipedes, spiders, and earthworms.  A good time was had by all.  I ripped up everything except for the rosebushes and a few other things I think I can bear taking care of.  I am in extreme pain all over my whole body now of course, but I’m really glad I got it all done today and don’t have to spend another whole day trudging around in the backyard, in wet Keds, during a steady rain.  It’s incredibly rewarding to garden.  It’s simply nice and gratifying to look behind you and see how much you’ve accomplished every so often.

Now, the backyard is finally a pleasant hangout spot and not a wilderness only navigable by machete.  What an incredible feeling to be finished with this.  Now for maintaining it…


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